So here we are today’s topic is not about MS Excel, I am entering in the field of Blogging tips. There are millions of blogger who usually writes nice articles but they missed allot of things. So we are going to discuss about cookies setting in browsers. This Article curtains following:-
  1. What are the cookies?
  2. How to Import Cookies In Browser?
  3. How to Export Cookies In Browser?
  4. How To delete Cookies?
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So lets Start:-

What are the cookies?

       We call Cookies those small files which stored in user computer or browser. Cookies are designed to save user’s modest data like Search Preference, Interest, Age, Location, Internet uses time and lots more. In simple words Suppose that you have visited any e-commerce website and searched for Adidas Shoes. After few moments when you visit any other websites you will be able to see that all websites are showing similar advertisement blocks.”
This is how cookies works.

How to Import Cookies In Browser?

Here we are going to discuss about how to import cookies in MoZilla Firefox Browser ?
Please follow the below mentioned steps for this:-
Step 1. Install MoZilla Firefox Version 48.2 or 49.0
Step 2. After installing MoZilla’s Required version please update setting as shown in picture below. This will disable Auto update feature and its important.
How to setup cookies in mozilla
Step 3. Now search click here to search Cookies Importer Addon from Firefox Addons library. After adding and enabling this Addon please restart the browser. See image below:-
How to setup cookies in mozilla
Step 4. Now Click on Tools from menu bar, you will be able to see 2 new options Import Cookies & Export Cookies. 
How to setup cookies in mozilla
This cookies file contains best quality cookies like mcaffe, silver, bluewolf, veeam etc.
Step 5. Now Click on Import Cookies, Browse your Cookies file which you have downloaded from above link, Select file, click on upload. In few seconds your cookies file will be uploaded in your browser.
Restart the Browser again you will be able to see the changes when you visit any websites.
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